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   Oct 25

To save a life or not to..

Okay. So here’s the deal. People on their death bed, sick people and people who require medical attention immediately need a way to reach a hospital as quickly as possible. Period.

What suddenly brought on this outburst? Well, the other day I was travelling to Jayanagar from Marathahalli (Both places in Bangalore by the way.), I came across around 6 ambulances (at different areas) all with their sirens blaring. As soon as I heard them, my heart would start going lub dub lub dub lub dub and I would send a silent prayer for whoever is inside there, that the travellers on the road would let them live.

I saw that these ambulances while rushing for help were actually stopped by long traffic signals which they had to wait out. All the while, somebody is struggling against the Fates to live, fighting for their breath and very existence! This is a very sad plight in Bangalore which has a very poorly constructed and very disorganized road layout.

It is high time this matter was given proper consideration and a way must be figured out whereby such urgent cases such as ambulances and fire engines are given utmost importance to reach their destinations without a hitch.

It is in our hands whether we let a life be saved or not. It could be any of us in there another time.

Think about it.


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