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   Oct 26

The Rowdy Dove

There is a very angry and rowdy pigeon that visits our shuttle court every morning. It pecks away at all the food it can find and doesn’t even allow another bird to come near. We’ve named it the “Rowdy Dove”. I was observing it the other day was shocked to see Rowdy Dove chasing the other birds away. Believe me, some got very badly pricked by its sharp, glinting beak.

You can imagine my surprise (and fear) whenI heard a scrambling noise from the kitchen today morning, as I was sipping on a warm mug of hot chocolate in the living room. Upon peeping into the kitchen cautiously I saw that the very pigeon who we absolutely abhor had managed to push itself into the kitchen through the window grill! That fat and cruel bird! My heart raced. I was alone at home. My hands and feet broke into a sweat. I did not know what to do.

Finally I mustered enough courage to put on my husband’ helmet, wrap myself in a sheet and arm myself with the electric fly swat and softly tread into the kitchen. Oh no!! Upon seeing its heartless eyes narrow upon seeing an ‘intruder’, I ran out of my house grabbing the keys and called my husband who was already halfway to office by then. I could see the bird sweeping and soaring around the kitchen. Fortunately, it did not venture into the other rooms. I thought to myself, “I am not going to let a mere bird scare me away from my territory.”, and once again trudged into the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, I realized there were no traces of a bird anywhere around. I checked all the other rooms in the house too. No bird! Woohoo!!! I guess it managed to squeeze itself out the way it came in. I felt such relief and plopped onto the sofa after making sure all the windows and doors were locked tight.

I hope I never have to encounter the Rowdy Dove again!!!!


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