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   Sep 23

Questionable “Why’s”

Have you sometimes felt like however much someone tries to explain something to you, you just can’t grasp its logic? And you keep asking “But, WHY???!!!”.

I have. Many times when someone or the other says “This is how it is done.” I’m like “Why?”.

Why is it that we must have rice for one meal at last everyday? Won’t you get bored with it?

Why should not a youngster’ opinion also be considered? A young adult many a times voice something thats very logical and feasible. But they are told “Sshh.. We know what is best for you. Why don’t you go play?”

Why can’t we do what we want in our home? Musical instruments do make noise. But when you got to practice, you just have to practice. Whether it is day or night. Right?

Why can’t a girl be allowed to do whatever a boy does? She’ also strong. She also has her own mind. She can take her own decisions.

But then, why is it that women ask for equal rights in the name of feminism; yet a secret hidden deep in their heart is that they would fall head over heels in a moment to the right ‘gentleman’! Now, isn’t that hypocrism?

Why do we get a leave plan from the office but is not allowed to take any of those leaves? I know a couple of people who have pending leaves from the last 2 years!

Have you ever thought why some couples yearn for and give birth to kids if they can not or are not willing to look after them?  Someone wise once said: “Those who can’t look after babies or pets must never have them.” How true. (This would be for another post!)

Why is it that in India, a pregnant lady gets only 45 days leave from office but abroad they are allowed up to 2 years of leave? This encouraging factor helps women abroad because even if it maybe unpaid leave, they are able to look after their child and keep their job at the same time.

Why is a child’s 1st birthday celebrated with so much of festivity when the child is not even going to know who was there or what was done or which birthday it is! If this joy was redirected to charity..for the orphanage or the handicapped or the elderly, it would always be remembered. But most importantly, it would be doing something useful and a good deed over all. Not for the sake of doing a good deed. How do I explain the feeling? Recently, we went to an orphanage. Such little kids.. Seeing the way they interact with each other with respect and friendship at the same time, interacting with them, having our meals with them for the day.. we felt so blessed in life and so glad that we were able to bring the joy that we see everyday into the life of those kids. The feeling is unexplainable!

Why do people trust science so completely? Science I agree has evidence and hence has provided the basis for everything that we know about this world we live in today. However, long back before these theories were emphasized, other scientists had put forward different hypothesis which people at that age had believed as fervently as we do our present doctrines. Then why can’t we be more open to the fact that these present theories, with further research is susceptible to evolve further or even change drastically!

Why does the price of every commodity in this world including that of even an egg (!) keep rising exponentially, but our salary never rises at that speed? How is the graph supposed to be directly proportional if employees are paid the same amount due to recession but the price of commodities keep increasing?

Why are there ramp walks, fashion shows and models if the dress they wear can never be worn in public by the normal people going about their everyday life?

Why isn’t hockey given proper due even though it is India’ national game? Indians are crazy about cricket. When a match is on, the majority of Indians eat, sleep and watch only cricket! Literally!!! is the Englishman’ game. (Guess it no longer is exclusive;-))

Talking about cricket, I just remembered.. Why is it that even though India got its independence on Aug 15, 1947 after so much of struggle, we even now have foreigners as our seniors, team leads, bosses, managers and executives above some Indians who actually deserve that position? Foreigners coming to India are so lucky as the visa regulations are so lax here that they can keep coming and going as they please. Also, in the corporate world when foreigners come on assignment to India, they are treated on par with the highest of royalty. They have their own suites, in house maid, transport facility and everything at their beck and call. Plus the ones that come would be the ‘big’ people in the office! But when an Indian goes abroad on an assignment, they get a crappy room which they can occupy only for a week or a month at the most by when they have to find their own lodgings. When my colleagues went to London from our office they were guided to a stinking room (here again literally!!!) without electricity and untidy too. They were given the address to reach office the next day without any help at all. Can you believe that??!!! Is that fair?

The most controversial one would be why people believe in things they can’t see.. like God. Isn’t believing in one supreme power a kind of positive thinking?


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