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   Jun 03

Prakasa Pride

Talking about apartments, a particular one comes to mind – PRAKASA PRIDE APARTMENT – in Bangalore on the Outer Ring Road. I used to stay there a couple of years back.

Man! I got to say. The first impression I had about this place was how well it was situated. A restaurant, IT Parks, a College, Baskin Robbins, grocery store, hospital, theatre, supermarket, bus stop, auto stand.. everything is just walking distance! What a strategic position! Isn’t it?

Prakasa Pride Apartment; Bangalore

But the facilities this apartment has to offer does not come in an attractive package. Yes. There sure is a badminton court which can substitute as a tennis court too and with the necessary materials maybe even into a basketball court. It has a children’s park, underground parking facility, lift and power backup. Even a gym! But you would agree with me when I say that these things require high maintenance. Isn’t it?

Now, THAT is what this apartment lacks. A proper maintenance system and a society to enable this. Hey! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my stay at this apartment. But now, talking from an outsider’ point of view: The building has a lot of cracks on its walls, it is unfurnished (& I mean TOTALLY unfurnished!) – the apartment we had rented did not have curtain rods even! The tennis court does not have a net. The children’s park is a teeny weeny tiny bit of area at one end of Prakasa Pride. Their facilities such as water and milk are very very VERY irresponsible! For the effects of the generator, one has to fiddle with the power switch! Just imagine the condition when the power goes off at night while you are sleeping. The centre block rarely receives sunlight. From an architectural point of view, it could also be noted that there is basically NO symmetry in this apartment or within it. There is no place to even hang the clothes to dry! Insects can easily enter through the gaps between the doors/windows and the walls. The gym cannot even be entered into, just because someone in the apartment has its keys and he just does not allow anyone else to use it and nor does he respond to repeated queries for the key. This so-called ‘gym’ is permanently bolted shut. The lift rarely works and the basement is another story in itself! No flat has a demarcated area for parking space and it is something like first come first serve or the type of vehicle you own. If you own a two-wheeler, then you can be jostled around from one parking space to another ending up with no permanent spot! Its an utterly unfair situation!

Looking on the bright side of things, the security is extremely efficient. The common grounds are dusted every morning and the garbage is cleaned out. The tennis court provides an excellent workout. There is a yahoo group for this apartment where members can discuss their problems and voice out their opinions. There are some friendly neighbours, although they do not poke their nose in another persons business. The house is spacious. Also, I did mention the strategic location of the apartment didn’t I 🙂 There is a garden in the front and anyone interested can take a lovely stroll around the apartment in the evenings. You can see the traffic rushing by but the noise doesn’t reach till the apartments. The third block receives a LOT of sunlight and its very refreshing in the morning, however it does not get too hot or too cold. Just right! The best part is that there is NEVER a shortage of water here and its very easy to describe the location of the apartments to any caterer/ restaurant.

I don’t know how this apartment came to mind now. But since it did, I thought I would share this small piece with you. Especially so that anyone who wants to rent/ buy a house in these apartments could know both sides of the coin.


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