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   Jun 02

EY Story

Ernst and Young. One of the Big 4! Branches all over the world. A multinational company. Daily freshers wait in the lobby for hours and hours just for one glance from the HR..For just one interview. But is it really worth it?

Ernst & Young is a leading provider of audit, tax, transaction and advisory services. Ernst & Young follows a “people first” strategy (They say!). Teamwork and mutual respect are (supposedly) the foundations of their corporate culture. They continuously strive to make the company attractive to recruits (In other words, the attrition rate is so high that they need ‘fools’ to fill in their places with lesser salary during the peak season, without being paid overtime. In January 2010 alone, there were about 70 people who left from just one department! I would definitely call that a high attrition rate.)

Now, let me give you guys a view from the gilded cage of this Global Services Company named Ernst and Young (NOTE: I refer to the one in Bangalore). I’m talking about the Engagement Management Support (EMS) department of EY.

It has been a bit more than a year now. That first day of induction, we were taken through the various departments of the company and the work they do.  The EY motto was drilled into us through the first 5 days of induction “QUALITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO”. By the end of the day we were so used to hearing this line be repeated innumerable times that we could say the same like a trained parrot!

The HR team told us working in EY would be like being in Disney World 365 days of the year! I believed it. And how incorrect that turned out to be. We toiled. We worked through the tough hours. 3 months of busy season is what was told us. But nobody mentioned the fact that even Saturdays would be working for these 3 months.

A minimum of 58 hours a week has to be logged in from January 27th to April 15th every year. 58 hours would be a total of 10 hours (or sometimes more) from Monday through Friday and 8 hours (and again..sometimes more too) on Saturdays. We are not allowed to take leave during this period and neither are we given any public holidays. Now, how is that for work life balance?

This is not just out of frustration but this very fact is clearly visible on most of the employee’s face and waking up in the morning the torturing thought is “We have to go to office today!” (Lol! Some even have nightmares! Believe me. I’ve heard some of them talk about it.)

This corporate world is not without its good points. However, we may have to think a bit to get some of these points.. :/ Seriously! Ok. Now let me see. In 2009, we received a bag for almost every occasion resulting in 7 bags that year. During certain festivals, we get a Dairy Milk while logging in or a box of sweets if it is Diwali/ New Year. But, if they would cut down on these things and compensate it in our salary, we would be all the more happier! However, there are some teams and very few people who actually make working at EY a fun place.. But if we take an overall look, it is a little sad as the problem is just what it is in other corporates. Greed for more money and a higher position. Ego clashes. Snubbings and false appreciations. This is so high that sometimes when someone congratulates you from their heart we don’t even realize it 🙁

The latest incident was the panic that EY felt when they received news that Deloitte was coming to Bangalore! It was funny thinking back now.. They said that our salaries would undergo a revision and we would all be compensated. But believe it or not! The team leads and managers got a hike of about 35% while the associates..those who do the actual work got a mere pittance of 10% as a HIKE!!! Can you imagine the disappointment that reverberated through the floors??!!!

I’m not going on anymore about it because, according to the human nature.. No one ever understands another person unless they are in that situation. So whatever said, it would all be discarded from your mind as soon as you see the EY building in K.R. Puram. Coz’ truth be told,  it IS gorgeous!

Well, I end my post with the well used saying – Experience is thy best teacher!


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