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   Jan 07

A blogger’ bane

Word pad open in front of you, hands ready to type away to glory. A thousand thoughts flitting across your mind. You want to pen it all down but it just teases you and runs away. You end up staring at this blank screen. Staring..and staring.. and staring!!! Writer’s block! Any bloggers sob story..

Wikipedia says a writer’s block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. Many a times in your mind you create this great fantasy piece of work which gets a lot of hits and appears high on Google. But in reality, those words just don’t seem to flow together to form that perfect sentence.

I’ve been saving up on stuff that I want to write about.. things like the Indian marriage system, pregnancy, trips abroad, some reviews upon the latest movies I’ve seen and the restaurants we’ve been to, the effect of media on the government especially in cases such as the Aarushi murder case and Jessica Lall case and other such.. But by the time I sit down and jot down points my mood shifts to something else totally different! Attention deficit disorder? Nah.. I doubt it. Must be my hyperactive mind that wish to wander a thousand different courses all at once or else it might be plain laziness 😉

Hate this writer’s block. Work just doesn’t get done.


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