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   Dec 08

Dreams – Phase 2

DISCLAIMER: Names and places have been changed to prevent invasion of personal space.

Project: Interesting assignment (IA)

Place: Cold place (CP)

So we are finally going to travel to CP. I’m assuming it is cold because of its proximity to the Arctic circle. Although I must say that how much ever I am averse to the cold, I still would love to visit the Arctic someday!

Personally I keep wondering.. Should I accompany V on this trip? But staying away from him!!! I can’t even think about being away for 1 entire week! I would miss V so much… So I think I will go. So now, coming back to the original question. Hmm..??!!!

I don’t have friends at CP. Yet.

I don’t have family at CP. Yet..

I don’t know anyone at CP. Yet…

I don’t have a job at CP. Yet..

& I haven’t even started packing yet!

OK. Even though I just painted a pretty bleak picture, the YET seems to make all the difference in my mind. Coz’ apart from all the trepidations, I would still be with V, we would still do what we love and we would see new places! What more does anyone want??!!! 🙂

There are those who crib and whine about the moving. What with all the packing, organizing, couriering, shuffling, unpacking.. Any sane person would turn insane! But just like how all good things come to an end and another chapter in your life begins we are finally going to embark onto a journey..marking a new phase in life 😀 A land so different from the one we live in now. A culture at cross roads with each other. Food varying in shapes, sizes, spices and types. Mostly the climate that clashes with the one I have known all my life. Isn’t it soooooooo EXCITING??!!! 🙂

I could think of all the possibilities that are looming up giving me a thousand different options that I could choose from. But studies seem to be a very interesting option that I think I should look into in micro detail 😉 I’m sure if you put your mind into doing something you will surely succeed.


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