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   Jun 05

When in a pickle…!

Recently, my husband and I were watching this movie which had us in its hold so completely that we totally forgot it was lunch time..and there was no food at home!!!

We thought we would order food online.. But as we stay quite away from the city, this online delivery thing was a hard task as we found out to our consternation that none would deliver to our area!!!! Just imagine our surprise!

I mean.. people working in the food business if you ask me, should NEVER say No to a customer!!! But well, we got quite a number of “NO”… and finally we chanced upon this site – – I tell you: It is one awesome site! Of course they could add more restaurants and associate with more hotels but since there is always scope for progress, I’m sure these people are going to succeed.
O yes! You must be wondering what made me such an ardent fan of this site.. Well, when they mailed back a mail with the subject “Regret to inform you”, I replied explaining how urgent it was that I receive food asap! And you know what?!!! They were able to talk the restaurant into delivering the necessary food to our house!!! I was so happy, I couldn’t stop jumping with joy and smiling with glee!!!!! 😀

Anyway, the hotel from which we had ordered was not all that great but I was very impressed by webdhaba’ persuasive skills! 🙂


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