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   Nov 05

Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2 Vs iPhone 5

I have the Nokia 6120 Classic which, at present, might pretty much be termed ancient. But hey! I love Nokia phones. It is SO sturdy and durable!!! But finally, I’ve started to feel the necessity to upgrade and get a new phone..preferably a smartphone.

If the Nokia smartphone had the looks and the kind of features I have in mind, without a doubt, I would have gone for it. But well, that’s not the case now, is it?

Let me be honest. I am not a technician nor am I an IT employee. I have no background of software engineering either. So now that we are clear on that matter, I would like to say that though I am familiar with the iOS, I lean towards the Android OS (Hear Samsung Galaxy or Note 2). Wondering why?

From my point of view, here’s why:

1. It is beautifully sleek and lightweight. Note 2 might be a bit larger ..  O! who am I kidding!!! Note 2 IS  much larger but it is SO very attractive!

2. You are not restricted by Apple. For heavens sake!! They took off YouTube and Google Maps!!!

which brings me to

3. Android is associated to Google. Google is hands down the BEST of the best!

4. Lack of Flash support which would mean I cannot play my Sim games, other Flash games or Flash videos for that matter!!!

So to sum it up, I could confidently say that my next phone is going to be the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2! 🙂 Yay!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2


By the way, I intend on buying an international unlocked version. Do any of you know if the 32 GB model is available?




My Samsung Galaxy Note 2

My Samsung Galaxy Note 2





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