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   Dec 08

Premium Packers & Movers

Do you plan to shift to a new house customized to your every desire maybe by the riverside or it could be to an apartment in a high rise building?

Are you looking for someone to help you move your household goods and other furnitures?

Would you rather relax and leave the headache of packing your valuables to someone else?

Keeping my hand on my heart, from personal experience all I have to tell you is BEWARE of Premium packers and movers. KEEP AWAY from them if you care about your furnitures.

Why? Because we searched high and low for an organization who would just move our furnitures to our new apartment. However, all that we found were packers and movers each of who assured us that immaculate care would be given to every single possession we had. We researched the web, checked up on all the reviews we found, called up a dozen of these offices, spoke to many of their executives and met some of their representatives too who gave us a quote within which they promised to get the work done in record time.

For just a 3+1+1 leather couch, a flimsy wrought iron cot and mattress, a laptop table, a four-seater dining table and the normal stuff like a small fridge, washing machine, microwave and utensils/clothes/books, we were charged by almost all the consultants at a range of about Rs.3500 to Rs.4800! Still, we settled for Premium packers and movers because they sounded most convincing with their talk about bubble wrapping the couch so that no tear occurs and how efficiently their employees would come and action the entire process. The consultant from Premium packers and movers confirmed that the entire thing furniture relocation would cost Rs.4200/- We had already been offered all this to be done for a cost of Rs.2500/- by Supreme packers and movers. However they had not sounded as convincing as these people. So, we bargained a bit and finally agreed at Rs.3500/- and the work would be completed easily within 4 hours. NOTE: They also had a 10.3% service tax included.

Now one thing you should remember is we had told them earlier on that we would be packing all the clothes, books and the utensils as much as possible. (Nopes. You thought right. I don’t trust anyone else to handle goods I consider valuable.) We roamed around our neighborhood and collected as many boxes as possible so as to do the packing from our end.

All through the night and the next day morning we did a neat and organized packing of all our clothes and other personal belongings and had just started with the utensils when 3 people from Premium packers and movers arrived (45 minutes before time). They rushed in with their bubble wrap, boxes and customized binding tape. The first guy got into the kitchen, the 2nd guy went into the bedroom and the 3rd guy handled the living room. It was just left to V and me to monitor the whole activity unfolding in front of us. (We felt monitoring was a necessity as the last time we moved someone actually stole (believe me, when I say) the light bulb from the guest bathroom!!! And as expected, we had to pay for it.)

Initially I thought to myself, “Wow! These people seem to be doing a pretty good job binding things together, wrapping glass items with paper so that they wouldn’t break..”. But after awhile I realized that none of the utensils were going into their boxes and the guy was causing a bit more havoc than necessary. It was complete haywire!

The way they were handling the washing machine and fridge I really thought “This is it!”. But thankfully, nothing happened. However, while unpacking we got so dejected at the scratches and tears and damages we could see on almost all the furniture that would drastically bring down their re-sale value.

1. Premium packers and movers were grumbling and whining so much to bring the couch upstairs! They got a tear on the backs of all its three pieces and one of the sofa was ripped underneath at its rat evasive covering. All this even though the entire couch was supposedly bubble wrapped. (The bubble wrap that these people say they would do is actually nothing but something like how a man would wrap a shawl around him. The bubble wrap is wound around the sofa once and binding tape is set.)

2. As V was overseeing the packing of the microwave, it was packed into its rightful packaging cover with the thermocol and extra papers. However, when V had his back turned, what this fellow thought was very clever ended up being a problem for us because he stuck their customized binding tape onto the front glass part of the microwave and upon removing the tape, the protective cellophane covering got scratched and ‘Premium packers and movers’ with their complete address and phone number was labelled in a reverse fashion on our precious microwave at different points! :/ V and I used cream, lotion and dish-washing liquid on it to make it fade.

3. Oh! How could I miss telling you about this first?!! You know the bottom area of the fridge where we keep the vegetables to remain fresh? Well, one of these employees – he put all that was there in the fridge into that one small container, took it out of the fridge and bound it with his s***** brown binding tape!!! The top cover of the container now has a horrible gash across it diagonally. V tried a lot. But it is irreparable. Also the brown tape couldn’t be removed completely. So the refrigerator which looked brand new until the shifting looks like it has been used for the past 10 years by us! In fact, it hasn’t been 10 years since V and I have even known each other!!!!! 🙁 Each time we think of it, it just depresses us.

4. Next, the dining table > There are a couple of scratches on its surface like a key was pressed tightly against it. Also, one of the chair’s leg is now wobbling.

5. The wood enamel from the study desk drawer was damaged while removing their premium packers binding tape.

6. Our precious lucky bamboo that was a gift (and a lucky gift too) got a couple of its shoots broken too :/

Almost nothing escaped the so-called ‘careful handling’ by Premium packers and movers!!!

This post brings back all those damages so vividly into my mind that I’m feeling upset thinking about it again…But what can be done now?

Oh yes.. and as the creaming of the cake, once it was all unloaded, they dumped the utensils and masalas into all the drawers in the kitchen in a very very Very disorganized manner; left the bubble wrap on the couch and the boxes lying haphazardly here and there. They unpacked or more correctly, took out everything of ours from their boxes and asked for extra money. Still, they were not satisfied with the tip offered to them (Why do Indians keep giving tips for everything and nothing? There are some rich fools who think it is great to show off and the employees expect the same from everybody! The entire aspect of a tip is atrocious!!!! Do people working in offices get a tip? No. Everyone works. But only a certain sect of people get tips?! Stupidity!) They asked for Rs. 100/- for each of them.

After all the work that was left by them for us to do; the double work in the kitchen after their disorganized dumping, unpacking that they were supposed to do but did not and wasting our time by taking a total of almost 6 and a half hours for their work to be completed (just for a transfer within the city on a holiday and without forgetting to add their tea break for another half an hour) they were just not leaving without getting the extra cash. Notwithstanding the crazy amount we had initially paid the company and the service tax!

The best thing is do your packing, call some truck-waala and ask them to move your stuff for you. No issues at all!

Maybe Premium packers and movers might be good elsewhere, but the one in Bangalore at Yeshwantpur is HORRIBLE! If you want, you can take my advise and evade them. Else, I fervently pray to God that your belongings remain safe.


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