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   Jun 08

Why Sex And The City

Woohoo! ‘Sex and the City 2’ is releasing and all the girls in town have gone ga-ga just with its anticipation! But, have you ever wondered why this movie which was initially a blockbuster sitcom was named as ‘SEX AND THE CITY’? I mean, how is sex related with the city? Is it that only people from the city have sex or is it some kind of theory about sex and its relation with the city? Or maybe it’s the outlook of people in the city towards sex.

Yes. I have watched ‘Sex and the City’ which was released in 2008 and I just found it as something that could happen in any normal girl’s life.

The title is really misleading! Take the sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ for instance. You can clearly make out that it is a show about a bunch of friends. ‘Will and Grace’ has their story revolving around a gay guy Will and a straight girl Grace who happen to live together. ‘According to Jim’, is about Jim’s weird theories and ideologies which even though may cause the family to be at odds with each other, in the end the family bonds are as strong as ever. ‘Full House ‘– Now, that sitcom sure is about a FULL house!!! 😉 It revolves around a single dad with 3 kids and his 2 friends who with their families all stay under one roof. Now, isn’t that a really full house??!

Almost all other famous shows have story-lines related to sex, promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. However, their titles do also relate to the core essence of the show.

Another point is that ‘Sex and the City’ mainly concentrates on Carrie Bradshaw. I would say there are far more interesting lives than hers. All her plots twist around Mr. Big. Finding the right guy is every girls dream and that is a topic which is picturised in about every other serial too.

Girls all over the world are crazy about Carrie Bradshaw who if you ask me really does look like a horse! Apologies to all the fans out there for laughing out loud, but this site is worth a check out – In fact, if you have watched the trailer for ‘Sex and the City 2’, there is a scene which really enhances this aspect (the scene where she responses to Charlotte’s daughters question about Aladdin)!

Charlotte whose character is played by Kristin Davis is so much more prettier..

Why is it that the other girls Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are not more in focus. Ok, maybe it might be because Carrie is the writer and a writer would know more about her life than anyone else’s and Carrie’s life is what is mainly in question here. The other girls plots are just side lines.

I think the sitcom/movie should have been named something like ‘ Shopping and Sex’ or ‘Shopping with Sex’ or maybe ‘Sex, Shopping and more Sex’ or even ‘Girls/Vamps in the City’. Even maybe ‘Carrie in the City’ would have been appropriate!!!

All I’m saying is that when a series is going to be released its title plays a big role. Not only should you check if it is numerologically lucky but also if it has captured the plot of the storyline.


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