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   May 23

Mom to Mom – ‘Sharing Wisdom’

I came to the US with a pack of Pampers from the UAE for my 3 month old baby. I specified UAE because believe it or not, my son developed rashes from the Indian pampers but was very comfortable in the UAE pampers.

I am not the biggest fan of disposable diapers (except during nighttime). However, I realized it would be too hard to keep up with the washing and carpet cleaning in the US if I were to use the cloth nappies that my little guy was so comfortable in in India.

So when I reached here, I went through a whole lot of reviews – I know, I know.. you must be wondering how paranoid I must be to have gone through reviews for a baby diaper!!! But I can’t help myself. I did. –  and found that Pampers had real bad reviews. So as you must have guessed, I was pretty hesitant to go in for it. Plus the boxes are sooo large here! In India, we get trial packs of 2 or 5 diapers. But here, each box is like 32 diapers, 72 diapers and so on! Isn’t that enough to scare away any new customer?!

While wandering the aisles of Safeway, I saw this brand called Mom to Mom. It sounded safe, secure and baby friendly. Obviously..From one mom to another mom sharing wisdom.. who wouldn’t keep buzzing back to this very appealing brand ?! Also, it is a cheaper brand and the only one that had a box available with the least number of disposable diapers packed – I think around 22 – 27 diapers. (Hey! You do have the larger boxes but I wanted to test them first.)

Initially I did not realize that this was a Safeway product, but V compelled me to try a new brand to at least see if it was alright with our son. May be he too was taken in by the tagline! 😉

Anyway, we tried it and guess what! We loved it. Our son was happy with it. No rashes, no irritation. It did not feel too stiff to me. Also, it did not leave baby’s bum damp even though in the morning he would sometimes (take note: very very rare sometimes) have a very wet diaper.

M2M Sharing wisdom

Now, we use the larger boxes. They truly are soo much better than the name brands.

As we gave the diaper a try we also tried the unscented Mom to Mom Supreme wipes. Those were great too. Once we started using Safeway’s product, we haven’t felt the need to change to another brand.

Mom to Mom is pretty affordable and very efficient. O! Did I forget to mention that they are very cute too? Each size has a different animal’ picture on them and some wigglies too 😉


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