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   Oct 29

KUMARAKOM – Really the Real taste of Kerala

Kumarakam… Aah.. The very word brings aromatic smells and delicious food into my vision!

Vin and  I were introduced to Kumarakom in Adyar 2 years ago, by my little sister ‘Moos’ who used to work in Chennai during those days. Initially we were in the mood for Mexican cuisine as we have had loads of Malayali food throughout our life. But Moos just wouldn’t let us leave without trying this place once at least. And believe me, I have never ever been more thankful to her for introducing something new to me!!

Kumarakom restaurant

Kumarakom saw its beginnings at Kottayam in Kerala, where Sojan and Mercy started their first venture into the hospitality industry in the lines of outdoor catering.

Following this, they opened a Kerala restaurant inside Black Thunder at Mettupalayam in Ooty which grew famous for its authentic mouth watering Kerala cuisine, cherished by all malayalees as well as non malayalees who visited this water theme park from all over the world. These entrepreneurs started the first Kumarakom Restaurant at Nungambakkam in Chennai four years ago. Today you can find Kumarakom at Velacherry, Anna Nagar, Ramapuram, Adyar as well as two outlets in Nungambakkam. Kumarakom also has an outlet in Dubai!

Very unassuming in its appearance and down to earth, this Malayali restaurant ROCKS! I would have to say I have had my most tastiest, mouth watering meals at this eatery. The first morsel that we took into our mouth got us hooked.

Vin loves meals. Wherever we go, he usually orders for “meals” and never fails to give me 4-5 mouthfuls of the warm rice with the yummy curries and a slice of pappad 🙂 I normally order for 2 Kerala parottas and whichever gravy we both feel like eating at that moment..

These past 2 years, whenever we have landed in Chennai, we’ve just not been able to resist the temptation of eating from Kumarakom. Though during the weekends it may be really hard to get a seat here, the waiters are very pleasant and attuned to our comfort. Sometimes during dinner time, there is a boy who sings lovely Malayalam songs too with the karaoke background.

Trust me, if you are ever in Chennai, this is a surely-must-dine-here place.

Interiors of Kumarakom

As the people at Kumarakom would say: “Adipoli Kerala cuisine you’ve never tasted before”


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