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   Dec 28

Kudos to Stephenie Meyers!

The first time I heard about Twilight was when I saw it tucked on the second row of a book shelf in Crosswords, amidst various other fantasy novels. I just passed by it.

Another weekend, my cousin was telling me how badly she wanted the book and suggested I read it as she knew what a bookworm I am! But, thinking it to be a horror story, I gracefully declined the offer.

The next I heard was one fine day while I was chatting with a colleague about real good looking actors and ‘Cedric Diggory’ came up! Who is Cedric Diggory? Well, he’s that gorgeous prefect of Hufflepuff in the Harry Potter series who is killed by Voldemort during the final task in the Triwizard Tournament. Oh, yes! Now, you remember! I can ‘feel’ that smile on your face and longing in your eyes.. 😉

Anyway, getting back to our little chat.. How little I knew then, that soon enough I was going to become a fervent follower of the Twilight series..

Hearing my friend’ glowing descript of Twilight, I felt I just HAD to give it a chance and got hold of the first book in the series – TWILIGHT. I have to tell you, once I started reading it, I couldn’t put the book down! It was so engrossing that I stayed up that entire night to finish reading it! Vin was so surprised to wake up in the morning and find me wide awake at the kitchen table voraciously reading the last few pages of Twilight! From that first book on, my thoughts went through an entire style revamp!!! I who feared the dark and all supernatural albeit imaginary beings that arose at night, suddenly felt wishing I knew a vampire like Edward Cullen!

Aaah.. Edward Cullen! What a name! What a man! What a vampire! Thats when I understood what the hype over Twilight was and WHO Edward and Bella were! Twilight is the story of a young girl, Bella who falls in love with a young boy, Edward who appears to hate the very thought of her and ‘wrinkles his nose’ with disgust at her proximity to him. But eventually she discovers that he is a vampire and that the reason he risks closesness to her is his all encompassing love for her. The story moves on to show how tender yet passionate their love is. And when everything seems to be proceeding happily, the villains enter, after which the story revolves around how the Cullen family try to protect Bella from the villains and sometimes from themselves too.

From a critics point of view, Twilight is a very romantic and deeply thrilling story. The tale has been crafted in a very ingenious manner where we might be tempted to take different trails of thought but there is a twist at every point! The style of writing is very simple and no dictionary is necessary to decipher any long flowery words. It can be read by both young teenagers as well as busy adults. Believe it or not, a friend of mine on her way back home from office, actually missed her stop as she was so absorbed reading the book! Now, that in itself is enough to wrap it up in a nutshell of how fascinating this book is.

Once I had read Twilight, I could barely stop from rushing out to the nearest bookstore and buying the rest of the series. Within another 5 days, I had completed all the books in the Twilight series and was looking out for the movie!

However, the movie Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke turned out to be a disappointment for me. There were so many parts that were cut. So many dialogues that could have captivated an audience in a far more effective manner. Also, the filming had too much of black grey scenes which sent out very cold vibes. It could have been a bit warmer with more dialogues added.

Maybe it is reading the book that had raised my expectations so much from the movie, because my best friend who hates reading watched Twilight and is bewitched by its tender and subtle depiction of love.

But come what may, I am looking forward to watching the Twilight Saga: The New Moon which has just released!


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