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   Jul 10

Hotel Fusion

Hotel Fusion, a stone’ throw from the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), the cable cars and bus transport is right at the heart of downtown San Fransisco. There’ pretty much access to the entire city of SFO!

Hotel Fusion Entrance

Hotel Fusion Entrance

Observing a night club – Infusion Lounge – located beside the hotel, I was a bit apprehensive.  The Guest Service staff at the front desk were very courteous and we were told that our room had been upgraded from the Queen that we had booked to a Junior Suite! Can’t say I wasn’t thrilled to hear that.

The room unfortunately, was not too spacious. A Junior Suite at the Hotel Fusion is a single room which has been divided into 2 spaces – the inner bedroom with an attached bathroom and the outer area where there was the daybed, a comfy chair, a small tea table, the mini fridge, a combination safe and a desk with a chair. This division made the room feel a bit small and cramped with all our luggage camping right in the front as there was no extra dresser to keep them in. There was a tiny closet area behind the door where the iron board and iron were placed. The carpet was well worn. It may have been vaccumed nevertheless we just weren’t confident letting our infant son crawl over it. Believe me when I say he was not happy with that restriction! 😉 So, we allowed him access only on the bed or the divan in the front room. The bed was very comfy and I loved the very spacious and well lit bathroom.

Not our pic..but the very same room

The room we stayed in had no view; instead it overlooked the windows of other rooms – which was not a pleasant feeling. But it wasn’t a deal breaker for us as we didn’t have to open the windows and we could just pull down the thick curtains 🙂 Plus, I guess being on the top floor and on the other side of the night club, we escaped the music (that I heard some other customers describe and complain about) from the Infusion Lounge.

Breakfast was served in a small room on the top floor. So obviously we had to take what we needed to our room to eat. We enjoyed the complimentary continental breakfast on that first day. There were oranges, oatmeal, different croissants and cakes plus orange and cranberry juices and milk/tea/coffee. All tasty, but having to have the same stuff everyday morning got a bit tiresome into the second day! It is just impossible to actually have the same menu day after day even if it is available at sharp 7am till 9am. Calling this menu a ‘continental breakfast’ may be a teeny-weeny tad lil bit far fetched…I’m not sure..but hearing ‘continental’, I’d been expecting something more elaborate… like including doughnuts, bread/biscuits with ham/sausage/bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, toast, salad…you get the idea..

Breakfast room

Breakfast room

The staff was quite accommodating and friendly even when we wanted to use the microwave after breakfast hours. Room Service too was very polite and pleasant. They clean the room daily unless specifically asked to let it be. I loved coming back after a windy and sun-burnt day of touring the city to find 2 mint chocolates on the pillow and the sheets turned down in readiness for bed.

Personally, I felt Hotel Fusion to be a pretty safe place even though it is in downtown SFO. The elevator operates only if the room key is inserted into a slot in the lift. The rooms have a dead bolt. And, there are bouncers outside the lounge every night. Hence the pathway outside the hotel is usually free of crowds. On weekends, after 10pm, I noticed an extra security personnel (who looked like an FBI agent with his headset and black suit ;-)) outside Hotel Fusion (the hotel had closed its doors too) who made sure that none other than the hotel’s customers entered the hotel. I felt secure. What more does one need!

We got to hear about this hotel via an offer on Expedia which combined the airfare and hotel accommodation for a fair price.  However, I think if we had planned our trip earlier and maybe added a 10 or 20 USD more we could have booked at a hotel with a more spacious room.

I wasn’t taken up by San Francisco city. But I would recommend Hotel Fusion to friends visiting SFO or choose this hotel if I ever had to go over to SFO again.


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