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   Nov 25

That someone

Have you had a boyfriend who is tuned to your every need and who makes you feel like you are the only one that matters?

Someone who would chase you around the house just to hug you and nestle his head into your hair breathing in your scent to give you a kiss on your forehead..

Someone who would hold you close while walking down a dark alley…

Someone who is not shy to hold your hands in public and run in the park just for the heck of it..

Someone who would wait for you no matter how long it took.. Someone who has tears in his eyes when he sees you crying.. Someone who would wrap his arms around you and whisper in your ears that everything is going to be alright.. Someone who cares for you while you are sick.. and holds your hand while falling asleep..

Someone who is confident to share his thoughts and fears, aims and disappointments.. Someone who cherishes the moments spent with you.. Someone who could sit by you looking at the sunset without wanting to browse the Internet or attend a call on his cellphone..

Someone who has you as their topmost priority.. Someone who would sacrifice everything for you…

Don’t we all yearn for someone like this? Don’t some of us pine away at the lack of someone like this? Don’t some of us even wait against all odds to find someone who treats us this way?

Some experience this love while others experience it in a much subtle manner. All a girl yearns for is a little bit of romance in her life.. But guys find it so hard to give this much even..It makes you wonder what exactly they want!


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