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   Jun 03

Should husbands work on holidays?

Holidays are those days where we can sleep late, have breakfast in bed, treat ourselves with beauty solutions, dining outside and so on…

If you are married, well.. you also get to make ahem! ahem! …  l.o.v.e.!!! 🙂

But when your husband has no leaves, no holidays, and is bound to his work – upsetting both him and you in the process, it surely is a sad plight. Isn’t it?

From when Vin has joined this new project, he has not been able to pursue his heart’ desire of body building as he has so much of work, and as a result, is tired. Over all this, he sometimes has to work on a Saturday also! Just as my busy season got over, his commenced.

So many of your plans fail because of this 9 hour thing. But hey! It’ recession time. We can’t say “NO”. Coz’ who knows when luck might kick you out onto the streets without a job! When he is at home, we cook together, watch movies, cuddle in each others arms, play a couple of rounds of Badminton, go shopping… It’s fun. It really is. But from today on, I have to wait for him to return as tired as all the other days of the week. We’ll have dinner and go to bed. Zip. That’s it.

I personally would prefer my man to be with me during holidays to share stuff and to do stuff together. How about you?


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