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   Sep 18

My dream come true

It was love at first sight!!!

I fought for it.. Against our parents who were scared of the relationship and wanted to nip the dream in its bud (or so they thought!) I knew there was none other but him who we wanted. Before we came together, I knew it was the culmination of all my childhood dreams, my hopes and my desires! MY FIRST BIKE. My very OWN Pulsar 200. My baby. My Beast!!

It was so hard to convince them. But I knew I just had to get it. It was something I really really REALLY wanted from the time I was in school! And with the little savings that I had, it was the perfect gift to myself 🙂

It tackled all barriers, survived rain and heat, storm and puddles, never letting me down! He’s witnessed our celebrations, our arguments and our duets with his never wavering speed, durability, balance and sturdiness. Those were the days!! My love beside me on my modern day steed. But all good things come to an end, don’t they? Yes. The day came when we had to make that miserably tough decision of selling our faithful ‘steed’. Not because of anything else other than a long term international assignment. I was to work out of Seattle and my bike had no other home other than with us 🙁

It was a very sad day for me, when I left him with my friend and had to turn my back on him 🙁 even now it brings tears to my eyes.


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