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   Jan 18

Marriage. Why?

Why DO men and women get married?

They say they love each other. But does it last? Are they really able to intertwine two individuals’ likes, dislikes, hobbies, tempers, egos, whims and fancies and mould it into a single path.. a single road?

I know here I am going to go against all that I said in my earlier posts..but I felt I had to view love life from the opposite point too…

Isn’t a singles life much simpler and uncomplicated than that of a married life?

– No responsibilities.

– Nobody to please.

– Nobody to take permission from before going anyplace or doing anything.


– Your own space.

– Nobody to look after or care for.

– No ego clashes.

– No criticisms.

…The list goes on…

But, everyone yearns to get married. Why?

Firstly, it must be because she wants company. She wants a companion to share her every moment with.

Next, I guess it is mostly due to peer pressure. It is a very common pattern that when one gets married, and another, and another, you feel you are the only single woman left and you too want to get into the status of Mrs. because you feel, else you are going to be left alone..that else, nobody is going to want you. That is when you find everything dissatisfying and ugly around you. Because you crave for something and it just is not happening!

There are also people who wants to try out love. Like an experiment. As it is something new and different and they hear everyone raving about it, they too want to get a taste of it!

Some are forced into it and have no other way out. Either to please their parents or “keep up face” in society!

Yes. I agree these are truly rubbish reasons. But it is true.

Is not a live-in relationship so much easier to handle than a marriage? I mean is it not as much comforting and as companionable and in fact, filled with so much more love than a married relationship?

It is an enforced situation for a married person… especially when they get married after falling in love. Coz’ him being the guy she herself chose, it would be a hit to her ego and it is not at all easy for her to accept that she may have been wrong and a little too hasty or even careless! So, they end up acting as though everything is perfectly alright until a time is reached where it becomes totally unbearable!

Marriage according to Wikipedia, “ an institution in which interpersonal relationships (usually intimate and sexual) are acknowledged by the state or by religious authority and .” So is it necessary? Do you really want it? Is it truly worth all that you loose when you transfer yourself from the single to the coupled state?

My friend has summed this up pretty well in his post which I’d read too and in fact commented on taking an opposition view..
In truth, well, some live just for that moment when they are married to the man of their dreams (at least they thought he summed up that way. But dreams are not real.) And there might be moments when you feel he is THAT Perfect guy. But most other times he just may not be. If you love him, you just got to accept that and live with it. But some may argue whether that might not mean that we are sacrificing who we are for someone else. But, that is love.. I’m sorry I guess I slightly deviated from my topic..

Personally speaking, there are times I think my guy is the Perfect one for me. But there are also other times when I think why and how I ever married him!!!

As I said before, That’s life. Married life can be great. It depends on what YOU make of it.

On a lighter note, have you heard that saying by Ambrose Bierce? .. “Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.” !!! 🙂


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