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   Jun 18

Misunderstandings..How do we handle it?

How does it feel when you feel your significant other does not seem to understand why you do what you do?

Is it a feeling of anger? Frustration? Disappointment? Hopelessness? Or just plain misery?

Of course he is just reacting in a way typical of him. After all, another human being can not be what you want that person to be, right? It is okay to try; But it is not necessary that it has to work out the way you want. Surprisingly, it is not even necessary for your significant other to be the kind of guy you have always dreamed he would be.

If you ask me, I think we are unconsciously attracted to a particular “genre” of men – And in the end, we are most happy with someone who complements us in almost every way. It feels right when you find that person. And that is when you know that he is The One!

Misunderstandings could arise due to many reasons. It could be because you are listening to only part of a conversation. It could be because of lack of trust in each other. It could be because of feelings of insecurity. It could also be due to one’ own misconceptions about how a love affair/relationship or marriage must be!!!

You might say “It was just a misunderstanding.”or maybe, “I thought you meant something else.” or even “I misunderstood you.” When you stand at the end of a long road of misunderstandings, you realize that just that initial single misunderstanding was all that was enough to break the precious relationship you had, into tiny pieces! What does it bring us other than sorrow, misery and a miserable feeling of loneliness?!!!

Misunderstandings are somethings that we have to earnestly try to avoid in a relationship. That is why trust, loyalty and a complete belief in each other is the foundation of any relationship.

In this “modern age of civilization”, men and women are equal.. But still, that feeling of probably being mistaken to be the weaker sex is pre-dominant in a woman’s mind. This also leads to a lot of misinterpretations leading to confusion and misunderstandings. We have to avoid our ego and the “What-Ifs” in our mind, to lead a more peaceful life with a lot more “growing old together”  and a lot less “divorces”.


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