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   Dec 28

A hard choice

The other day, I received a phone call which would have been a dream come true! Except, it came at such a wrong time..

You may be wondering how? why? Soo many questions..
Well, it was such a long time after my studies that I got a job. This job was nothing what I expected. It was never part of my plans for life. It was nothing related to my subject or my field of interest. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Yet I took it. Why? Because I was so absolutely totally bored at home and had begun ‘eating’ Vin’ brains out!!!!!! (at least I guess that is the way he felt about it ;-))

Initially I was happy. But as can be predicted in due course of time, the alien nature of the field started getting to me. But what could I do? I have to stay at the job else I need another one in hand to give this one up.
However, no one wants a person who does not have experience (I have thought many times – How can one possibly have experience unless somebody gives them experience??!!! Am I not right?) and many require a signed agreement (in other words, a BOND[!]) for minimum two years!

Anyway.. getting back to my story, this call was for the post of a geneticist at a very reputed hospital with the one catch that I had to sign an agreement to stay at the job for two years which would mean I would have to stay away from my husband and in another state! Never having been the career woman for whom choices are so easy to make, I once again was confused, got really anxious about the decision to make, made a list of the pros and cons of the situation and in the end, I chose love over career..

You tell me. How could I possibly be happy away from the man I love? Imagine the way I would feel when I come back from a hard days work and I can’t look forward to seeing his smile, hearing his jokes, comforting his tired muscles, cooking delicacies with so much of love just for him, hearing him talk, seeing him bent over the laptop playing games on Face Book!!!
I just could not live that way! I would have hated the subject I so dearly loved.
So, as all of you would have guessed by now, I decided to stay at my alien job and try to be happy. As the saying goes, “Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine.

Believe it or not, I am actually happy now! Within those two days I had to make a decision, I literally worried myself sick over it! But now, everything feels right.. As though everything has fallen into their right place!

I still wonder.. Is it the relationship or a career that another woman in my place may have chosen..


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