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   Jan 18

A Chance for Destiny

The other day, I was talking to this friend of mine, Roxanne who is still single by the way.

She happens to be successful in every other field except in the dating scene. Well, there is no flaw in her. She is pretty in a petite lady-like manner, is fun-loving, kind, sensible, funny, realistic, adventurous and sportive with a strong determined mind too. She believes in one Supreme Being – God. She also has a career in which she is doing well and earning even better. Yet she is a very modest and down to earth girl. She writes wonderful stories and has a good grip on the English language. She sometimes composes music on her Casio, and cooks too!!!! Man! What more does a guy need??!!!

Although initially shy, once you get to know her, she is a complete livewire! The problem is that she gets tongue-tied upon even seeing the guy she has a crush on! Now, according to me, that sure is a mighty big problem. Because, unless you put yourself forward, how can he possibly notice you?! Isn’t it?

I keep telling Roxie to give the guys a chance. To let them get to know her. Or at the least, allow them to talk to her!!!

She tries. But what I feel is that deep inside, Roxie does not think she is attractive enough to attract a good looking, well mannered, decent man to herself. Maybe she feels that due to her short stature or maybe even due to the slight sprinkling of pimples on her cheeks. But if this fear could be alleviated, I’m certain that men would be lining up for a date with her!

But how do I make her see that she is a gem?! How do I show her that the man who declines her is a fool?!

With Roxie being single and all that, her parents thought they could arrange a suitable match for her. But that’s been way too depressing so far! I guess it just might be that destiny wants her to have some more fun in life before she meets that one man who can love her and make her laugh throughout her life.


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