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   Jan 18

Marriage. Why?

Why DO men and women get married?

They say they love each other. But does it last? Are they really able to intertwine two individuals’ likes, dislikes, hobbies, tempers, egos, whims and fancies and mould it into a single path.. a single road?

I know here I am going to go against all that I said in my earlier posts..but I felt I had to view love life from the opposite point too…

Isn’t a singles life much simpler and uncomplicated than that of a married life?

– No responsibilities.

– Nobody to please.

– Nobody to take permission from before going anyplace or doing anything.


– Your own space.

– Nobody to look after or care for.

– No ego clashes.

– No criticisms.

…The list goes on…

But, everyone yearns to get married. Why?

Firstly, it must be because she wants company. She wants a companion to share her every moment with.

Next, I guess it is mostly due to peer pressure. It is a very common pattern that when one gets married, and another, and another, you feel you are the only single woman left and you too want to get into the status of Mrs. because you feel, else you are going to be left alone..that else, nobody is going to want you. That is when you find everything dissatisfying and ugly around you. Because you crave for something and it just is not happening!

There are also people who wants to try out love. Like an experiment. As it is something new and different and they hear everyone raving about it, they too want to get a taste of it!

Some are forced into it and have no other way out. Either to please their parents or “keep up face” in society!

Yes. I agree these are truly rubbish reasons. But it is true.

Is not a live-in relationship so much easier to handle than a marriage? I mean is it not as much comforting and as companionable and in fact, filled with so much more love than a married relationship?

It is an enforced situation for a married person… especially when they get married after falling in love. Coz’ him being the guy she herself chose, it would be a hit to her ego and it is not at all easy for her to accept that she may have been wrong and a little too hasty or even careless! So, they end up acting as though everything is perfectly alright until a time is reached where it becomes totally unbearable!

Marriage according to Wikipedia, “ an institution in which interpersonal relationships (usually intimate and sexual) are acknowledged by the state or by religious authority and .” So is it necessary? Do you really want it? Is it truly worth all that you loose when you transfer yourself from the single to the coupled state?

My friend has summed this up pretty well in his post which I’d read too and in fact commented on taking an opposition view..
In truth, well, some live just for that moment when they are married to the man of their dreams (at least they thought he summed up that way. But dreams are not real.) And there might be moments when you feel he is THAT Perfect guy. But most other times he just may not be. If you love him, you just got to accept that and live with it. But some may argue whether that might not mean that we are sacrificing who we are for someone else. But, that is love.. I’m sorry I guess I slightly deviated from my topic..

Personally speaking, there are times I think my guy is the Perfect one for me. But there are also other times when I think why and how I ever married him!!!

As I said before, That’s life. Married life can be great. It depends on what YOU make of it.

On a lighter note, have you heard that saying by Ambrose Bierce? .. “Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.” !!! 🙂


   Jan 18

A Chance for Destiny

The other day, I was talking to this friend of mine, Roxanne who is still single by the way.

She happens to be successful in every other field except in the dating scene. Well, there is no flaw in her. She is pretty in a petite lady-like manner, is fun-loving, kind, sensible, funny, realistic, adventurous and sportive with a strong determined mind too. She believes in one Supreme Being – God. She also has a career in which she is doing well and earning even better. Yet she is a very modest and down to earth girl. She writes wonderful stories and has a good grip on the English language. She sometimes composes music on her Casio, and cooks too!!!! Man! What more does a guy need??!!!

Although initially shy, once you get to know her, she is a complete livewire! The problem is that she gets tongue-tied upon even seeing the guy she has a crush on! Now, according to me, that sure is a mighty big problem. Because, unless you put yourself forward, how can he possibly notice you?! Isn’t it?

I keep telling Roxie to give the guys a chance. To let them get to know her. Or at the least, allow them to talk to her!!!

She tries. But what I feel is that deep inside, Roxie does not think she is attractive enough to attract a good looking, well mannered, decent man to herself. Maybe she feels that due to her short stature or maybe even due to the slight sprinkling of pimples on her cheeks. But if this fear could be alleviated, I’m certain that men would be lining up for a date with her!

But how do I make her see that she is a gem?! How do I show her that the man who declines her is a fool?!

With Roxie being single and all that, her parents thought they could arrange a suitable match for her. But that’s been way too depressing so far! I guess it just might be that destiny wants her to have some more fun in life before she meets that one man who can love her and make her laugh throughout her life.


   Jan 18


What is an “accent”? Is it restricted to a particular group of persons? Or is it only for those whose mother tongue is something other than English? What do people actually mean when they say, “I knew you were from there. You have an accent.” !!!

In linguistics, an accent is a manner of pronunciation of a language. It can often be confused with dialects which are a variety of languages differing in vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax as well as morphology. An accent is the peculiar style and rhythm of speaking a particular language. It can also be called “SPEECH MUSIC”.

An accent can change over time, adapting accordingly to their geographical location. It is factors like mother tongue, socio-economic background and medium of education that influence one’ accent.

Now, I personally feel every single person in this world has an English that is accented and influenced by his/her mother tongue. Let’ call it MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). You tell me. What is wrong with it? When it is heavily accented, yes. It does become a problem. Else, why make it a big deal? Coz’ some people try to make it so pronounced and when it is pointed out in front of a crowd, all it does is bring down one’ self-confidence drastically! The person withdraws into a self-formed shell which becomes very hard to break down. The funniest part being that the one who criticizes does not find fault in himself!

If you ask me whether talking in one’ own mother tongue is a crime, well, it is not. But when it infuences the other language we may speak other people often find it amusing and one more thing to criticize about especially if they do not like you much. They just do not realize how much the one who is being criticized suffers from it.

For instance take a Malayalee. EVERYONE criticizes a Keralite! It is hard for some of them to find jobs and they are made fun of even by the media. All for what? Because the MTI is very pronounced when they speak. The “critics” make it sound as though they have a disease! MTI!

Keralites are generally a very laid back, peace loving, calm set of people. So, just because they take all the teasings in good spirit, people think they can say or do anything to them or with them and the way they speak. But just imagine the case if a Bihari or a Tamilian or a Telugu-ite or a Kannadiga or the most stuck up of all, the North Indians are teased by the media! Now THAT would be the ultimate! What a hue and cry would happen! Just imagine that scenario!!

Unimaginable right! Well, that is how this world is. Those who take it lying down will forever be stomped upon. The others will retaliate and noone would raise a finger to point at them ever again!

Even non-Indians have different accents. But Indians feel that everything the Westerners do is just Perrfect!
Check out this video:


   Jan 10

Increase traffic to your blog or site by listing in directories

We had earlier written a post on how to get your blog listed in Technorati. As mentioned in that post, listing your blog or site under various directories on the web is one of the sure shot methods to increase visibility and thereby increase traffic to your site.

Of course, goes without saying, submitting to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask are the first things you should do!

Here are some other directories/search engines we came across while looking to list our website Lucky and Vin. These are the ones which let us list our site for free.

1. Technorati – Good one 🙂 Check previous post on this.
2. Blogged – Another good one. Registration required.
3. Bloggernity – Registration required.
4. OnTopList – Registration required.
5. Blog Catalog – Registration required.
6. Bloggapedia – Registration required.
7. Blogexplosion – Registration required.
8. Active Search Results – Registration required.
9. Scrub the web – Registration required.
10. Web Squash – Registration required.
11. Claymont – Registration required.
12. Jayde – Registration required.

The above list is not exhaustive but a good start. Yeah, registration and submission is a pain but as the saying goes “No pain, No gain!” 🙂

Hope this helped you.. Please do leave a comment/feedback to let us know.


   Jan 08

Add your blog to Technorati

So, you have a blog. And you want lots of traffic to your blog. For that, getting your blog listed in various directories, submitting it to search engines and linking to other blogs/sites which have high page rank are some important steps you would initially consider.

When talking about directories, Technorati ( is one such directory which comes into our mind. Getting your blog listed in Technorati is beneficial, though not the only thing you should be doing!

Here’s how you can get started with Technorati:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register for a free account.

Step 3: Once registered, go to your accounts page by clicking on your user id at the top right corner of the Technorati page.

Step 4: Once you scroll down, you would see a text box where you are required to enter your blog site URL to “Start a blog claim”. This way, you can add your blog under my claimed blog list.

Step 5: Click on claim and on the next page add details about your blog. Select your category wisely so that you would get a good chunk of the right traffic.

Step 6: Once you are done adding categories and tags, click on “Proceed to next step”.

Step 7: Now you are almost set with Technorati. You will now receive an email with the claim token which you would need to include in a post on your blog so as to move ahead with the blog claim. This check claim process is done to verify that you own that particular blog.

Step 8: To claim your blog, go to your accounts page once again and click on “Check claim” below the blog you have just added.

Step 9: Now, create a new blog post with your unique claim token and ascertain that it appears in your feed.

Step 10: Only once you have posted the claim token in your blog must you click on “Verify claim token.”

Voila! There, you are done. Within a couple of days, Technorati would list your site in their directory.

Hope this has helped you.