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   May 22

Malayalam songs for lil one

These are a couple of nursery rhymes/songs that my son seems to love. By the way, they are in the language malayalam. (Disclaimer: I don’t think these are the complete versions.. Just the ones that we sing to our baby..)

Lil’ one used to love this song when he was 2 months old. I remember him laughing for the first time while we sang this song to him 😀

“Kunji-ammakk-anju makkal aane,
anjaaman omana kunju aane,
panjaara vittu nadannu kunju,
panjaara kunju-enna paeru vannu.

Kunji-ammakk-anju makkal aane,
anjaaman omana kunju aane,
panjaara vittu nadannu kunju,
panjaara kunju-enna paeru vannu.

Vanjiyil panjaara chaaku vachu,
thunjath-irunnu thuzhanju kunju,
inji kadichu rasichu kunju

Kunji-ammakk-anju makkal aane,
anjaaman omana kunju aane,
panjaara vittu nadannu kunju,
panjaara kunju-enna paeru vannu.”

You can hear this song at youtube.

He used to look into my eyes and lay when I used to sing Kannan thumbi from the movie “Kakkothikavile Appuppan Thadikal “to him..maybe that was because he had heard that a lot when he was in me.

“Kannam thumbi poramo,
ennodishtam koodaamo,
ninne koodathillello,
innenn ullil pookaalam.
Kaliyaadaamee…kilimara thanaloram..
kaliyaadaamee…kilimara thanaloram..

(kannam thumbi poramo…)

My grandmother and my son get along together so well..She sings this song to him and plays with him by rocking him to the left and the right and all around. He simply enjoys the movements!

“Chanjaad-unni, cherinjaad-unni, kuzhanjaad-unni nin-aadaadu
Paalada unde pazham nurukkunde paal paayasam unde nee aadaadu.
Chanjaad-unni, cherinjaad-unni, kuzhanjaad-unni nin-aadaadu
Paalada unde pazham nurukkunde paal paayasam unde nee aadaadu..
Paalada venda, pazham nurukkum venda, paayasa chorum vend-ammae
Paalada venda, pazham nurukkum venda, paayasa chorum vend-ammae
Palahaara pura thaakol thannaal paadume aadume ponnunni,
Amma than ponn unni..”

With this next rhyme, we sit him on our lap and teach him to clap his hands..My mom sang it to him when he used to just lie down too…

“Kai kottunni kai kottu
appam thinnaan kai kottu,
aattil kulikaan kai kottu,
kai kottunni kai kottu..”

This is a very famous rhyme about a child and a crow..

“Kaake kaake koodevide,
Kootinakathoru kunjundo,
Kunjinu theeta kodukkaanjaal,
Kunju kidannu karanjeedum.

Kaake kaake koodevide,
Kootinakathoru kunjundo,
Kunjinu theeta kodukkaanjaal,
Kunju kidannu karanjeedum.

Kaake kaake nee tharumo,
Ninnude kayyile neyappam..
Kaake kaake koodevide,
Kootinakathoru kunjundo,
Kunjinu theeta kodukkaanjaal,
Kunju kidannu karanjeedum.”

My grandparents know SO many many MANY childrens songs and can sit and listen to them for hours and hours as they entertain baby:)

“Omana thingal kidaavo,
Nalla komala thamara poovo.
Poovil niranja madhuvo,
Pari poornendu thante nilaavo.
Puthan pavizha kodiyo,
Cheru thathakal konjum mozhiyo.
Chanchaadi aadum mayilo,
Mridu panchamam paadum kayeelo.
Thullum ilavaan kidaavo
Shobha kollunnoranna kodiyo
Eeswaran thanna nidhiyo
Parameswari enthum kiliyo
Omana thinakl kidavo
Nalla komala thamara poovo..”

Well, what can I say.. there are more baby lullabies that the present generation including myself have forgotten and really really need our parents and grandparents to remind us of..


   Jan 11

The Best Ice-Cream Ever

Private Selection Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge

We wanted ice cream. The kind that gives you so much pleasure that as you take each delectable, divine, luscious, mouth watering, scrumptious, titillating, HEAVENLY bite, your taste buds get an orgasm! This urge is what found us scourging the desserts aisle in Fred Meyers at 9 pm one weekend.

We have tasted different kinds of ice-creams – Other than the plain flavours of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and pista, ice creams like double cream, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, butter pecan, neapolitan, praline fudge cake, death by chocolate, rocky road, chocolate mousse, oreo cookies n cream, german chocolate, pralines and cream, banana split, boston cream pie, chocolate macadamia, chocolate fudge brownie, chunky monkey, mud pie, very berry, crème brûlée, mango, tiramisu, rum and raisins…the list goes on… BUT, believe us when we tell you that this is one ice cream you have GOT TO try Private Selection’s Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks (and remember the name in its entirety, because it is NOT Denali fudge moosetracks which has peanut butter cups in them!) Once hooked onto it, I’m sure it is going to be one of the top 5 stuff to stock your freezer with 😉

Like a fellow blogger – The Vores – wrote about this ice-cream, “Your life is about to begin.” – once you savor the taste of Private Selection’s Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks.

PS: For those weight watchers out there you can checkout the nutrition facts at Fat Secret which I can vouch will shake your ‘determination @ fitness’ at least a teeny weeny bit (That note is from experience;-)).


   Jan 09

A Mother’s Thank you note

LuckyVin' son

His smile brightens a hundred thousand nights,
and fills my days with sparkling rainbows.
His laughter is music that I can never get enough of.
When he looks at me,
my every worry.. my every sorrow, is wiped away.

Thank you God for this gift you’ve given me,
Thank you God for my darling son.

Thank you God for blessing me with this wonderful baby,
Who has infinite patience with my antics,
Who tries to let me know what he wants,
without the crazy bawling and crying.
Who winces and bears most of the time,
Thank you God for gifting me this child,
Who never embarrasses me in public,
Who sleeps throughout the night
and does not fuss.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am,
how happy I am,
to have my son to hold close
and to love unconditionally.

My son makes me a better person than I am,
than I ever thought I could be.
He makes me so proud.
My son 🙂


   Dec 27

The big C!

Is it a boy or a girl???!! Either was great! :)” I had this feeling deep within me that it would be a boy. 90%. My tummy had grown outwards and not sideways. Or maybe a girl. Old wives tales need not be 100% correct. It’d be great if it was a girl..dresses, dolls, ribbons and lace..all over again!!! 😀 No. Surely a boy. The time was ripe for boys. August was boy season! Lol and thus went the argument inside my head throughout those 9 months and a week more…

Now, it’s been 4 months and 2 weeks now and I still remember like it just happened yesterday!

It was a fine sunny August day at 7:00 am when I walked into the operation theater. After being ‘prepared’ for the C, they explained that I would first be numbed waist down so that I could see my baby and then I would be given general anesthesia. To be truthful, I was a little worried about what my reaction might be if I were to see the surgical instruments that would obviously be in use and mostly I had this insane fear that the anesthesia might not work. I would be in DEEP pain! Then what??! All I could think of was that I wished V or my mom was with me!!! If I could just see one reassuring face, I knew everything would be alright. But neither of them were there..

7:30am: All set with the urine catheter and drip, so close to the scheduled time.. “I’m scared and I want my mommy!!!” :/ Nurses try to keep me comfortable. Some talk to me..Some are praying..Some chat between themselves..Some are goofing around..while others prepare for the surgery.

8:20am: Suddenly, there was a flurry of activity and the nice doctor came in. She allowed my mom to come in and see me for a moment. The surgical attendants were all ready.

8:22am: I walk into the operation theater (HATE that word!).

8:24am: The anesthetic began his procedure on my spine. I’ve heard epidural doesn’t hurt. I guess that is true in a way. While I was given the epidural, a nurse held my head down while another kept patting my hand to keep me from freaking out. I could feel a sharp cold metallic feeling. I don’t know how to explain it any other way! After awhile, I couldn’t feel my legs..and the surgeon began her work.
Being Hindus and knowing that a C-section was inevitable, the time we had in mind for the baby’s birth was between 7am and 8:40am. So there I lay with doctors and surgeons hovering midway down.The clock ticking away the seconds.

8:27am: “How long does a C take? Could I hold the baby? Who will hold the baby first? I wish V was with me. I hope he surprises me by waiting for me with our baby once this is over… I hope the operation goes smooth. Ooh! I HATE hospitals and the thought of operations!!!

8:30am: Oh! Was that feeling a knife ‘cutting’ through my skin??!! It feels like someone rubbing my belly really hard..I hope the baby doesn’t feel all these crazy things.. I was alarmed! I wanted to ask the doc what was happening but there were so many things happening around me, my mind was in overload mode!

8:32am: Tick..tock..tick..tock…

8:33am: I hear the cry “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”, The doc says, “It’s a baby boy.!” My baby. My darling baby..It’s a boy!!:) They show him to me.. His hands are outstretched towards me while he wails his little heart out , his eyes screwed up!!! At that moment, I knew I could love no one or anything else with the intensity with which I loved this tiny being who was my companion and my friend listening to me and comforting me through soooo many months..I loved my baby!! 😀
I could feel the wide 100 watt smile dawning on my face when suddenly the process of general anesthesia began. The oxygen mask was clamped onto my face covering my nose and mouth.

After that, I only remember waking up to see my mom’ face and deliriously telling her how handsome and long my baby boy is!! 😀


My sister had reached, my in-laws were waiting and my mother was right by my side!! :))
But, I wasn’t allowed a glimpse of my little one or hold him till the next day as he was in the NICU. Being a big baby, he was finding it hard to adjust to ‘life outside mommy’. The more they kept me waiting the more I was worried! (or rather terrified!!!)

At last, the next day, once the doc said “OK”, the nurse brought my baby to me and I held him in my arms for the very first time. When I called out to him, he turned and looked at me…recognizing my voice. I was in 7th heaven! That was the best moment of my life!

He had to stay in the NICU for some more time. Only on the 3rd night of his life was he allowed to lay with me..It felt so nice to have him snuggling by my side, my arms around him.


   Sep 18

My dream come true

It was love at first sight!!!

I fought for it.. Against our parents who were scared of the relationship and wanted to nip the dream in its bud (or so they thought!) I knew there was none other but him who we wanted. Before we came together, I knew it was the culmination of all my childhood dreams, my hopes and my desires! MY FIRST BIKE. My very OWN Pulsar 200. My baby. My Beast!!

It was so hard to convince them. But I knew I just had to get it. It was something I really really REALLY wanted from the time I was in school! And with the little savings that I had, it was the perfect gift to myself 🙂

It tackled all barriers, survived rain and heat, storm and puddles, never letting me down! He’s witnessed our celebrations, our arguments and our duets with his never wavering speed, durability, balance and sturdiness. Those were the days!! My love beside me on my modern day steed. But all good things come to an end, don’t they? Yes. The day came when we had to make that miserably tough decision of selling our faithful ‘steed’. Not because of anything else other than a long term international assignment. I was to work out of Seattle and my bike had no other home other than with us 🙁

It was a very sad day for me, when I left him with my friend and had to turn my back on him 🙁 even now it brings tears to my eyes.