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   Nov 24

Dreams – Phase 1

So here we were, waiting for a chance to go ‘abroad’ – the realization of our ultimate dream.

We have been yearning and wanting and waiting to go to Canada for awhile now. Why Canada? Because, after extensive research Vin has found that Canada is THE place to be. Even though it is the second largest nation in the world, it has a peaceful border, few world enemies, ranks consistently high on the Global Peace Index and is relatively homogeneous. Canada also has low crime, little threat from terrorism and a highly developed infrastructure.

In late 2008, just as a chance for an assignment to the UK for Vin, was looming closer..and closer.. the RECESSION hit and SPOOF!!! all talks about the UK assignment just vanished! Without a trace!

Then there were talks about my going to the UK for a short term assignment to learn a new process. But that too bit the dust because the on-site team was adamant they wanted one of the seniors only.

I’m this person who really really Really believes in positive thinking and how the universe strives to realize the thoughts that you send out into it. So Vin and I were (and still are) really bent on achieving this dream of ours, keeping it our secret..just between the two of us (to ward off any pessimistic thinking or words from anyone else..yea.. I know, superstitions. But better safe than sorry, right?).

And just as the end of October we had our flights scheduled for the interviews at the US Consulate!!! 😀 I’m pretty certain that the moment the interviewer said, “Thank-you. Your visas have been approved. They will b sent to you within a week.”, would be one of our Top 10 Happiest Moments!

The actual interview went pretty well and the weekend we spent in Chennai was a wonderful escape from the realities of house and office work!

On the day of the interview, we had a pickup from our guest house which allowed us to reach the Consulate 45 minutes in advance. They let you in only 30 minutes before your scheduled interview. Though the queue was long, it moved quite fast. There was a security check at the entrance and the documents we carried were checked. Then we got our documents stamped and fingerprints taken after which we waited to speak to the concerned officer. While waiting in queue, we could hear some people being yelled at, some acting arrogant, some jubilant whereas some others just looked doubtful and confused! It’s true what is advertised on the Internet – Don’t be worried in case the person before you had his visa rejected. His is not your case. So, don’t get tensed seeing other people’s reactions.

At the counter, our lady officer asked a few basic questions to Vin about what his work entailed and where he might be posted. I was asked just one question – How long have you been married?! Frankly speaking, that was not a question I expected. However, I think I could say that we breezed through the interview 🙂

It was such a relief! Now, we await a project that requires Vin’ expertise.. Hope it comes soon 🙂


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