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   Jan 09

A Mother’s Thank you note

LuckyVin' son

His smile brightens a hundred thousand nights,
and fills my days with sparkling rainbows.
His laughter is music that I can never get enough of.
When he looks at me,
my every worry.. my every sorrow, is wiped away.

Thank you God for this gift you’ve given me,
Thank you God for my darling son.

Thank you God for blessing me with this wonderful baby,
Who has infinite patience with my antics,
Who tries to let me know what he wants,
without the crazy bawling and crying.
Who winces and bears most of the time,
Thank you God for gifting me this child,
Who never embarrasses me in public,
Who sleeps throughout the night
and does not fuss.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am,
how happy I am,
to have my son to hold close
and to love unconditionally.

My son makes me a better person than I am,
than I ever thought I could be.
He makes me so proud.
My son 🙂


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