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   May 28


There’s a piece of good news..which I’ll elaborate about in a new post – The reason why it’s been AGES since we have posted anything new..
Otherwise, I just felt the general public and the ‘creators’ need to know a certain fact. So, I am going to be really short and to the point here.
Now, the 3 main explorers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer:
– Comes along with Microsoft package.
– Sassy new look.
– There are sites which will open correctly ONLY using Internet Explorer.
– It has unnecessary pop-ups and ‘communication dialog boxes’!!!
BUT, the new upgraded version speed-wise is not as good as its previous version!

Mozilla Firefox:
– Just takes up humongous space!!!
– Speedwise the upgraded version keeps hanging so many times!

Google Chrome:
– Got to say that this is currently the BEST in the market. Initially I thought it was not as good as Mozilla. But once Mozilla did an upgrade, it was clear that Chrome was far better!
– Easy to use, pretty fast (esp since it does not hang as often as the other two explorers!)


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