Lucky And Vin

Our Imagination let loose; Opinions raging; Views bouncing between the pros and cons; Inventions and Solutions; Recipes for Success; Confusion of Relationships – All this and more under one roof between Lucky and Vin

   Dec 07

Who we are

Two souls who have found in each other a friend and on the way fell in love.. Lucky and Vin. That’s us!

Lucky..The mommy of an adorable darling, I can still be quite unpredictable at times. My eyes twinkle when I’m happy and are fiery when angry. Just by a look at my face, you can figure out what mood I’m in..
Once something holds my attention, I’m completely oblivious to the rest of the world! I like to dance, read and dream which at times may end up in a poetry or two. And I just LOVE being a mother!!! 😀

Vin..The realist, the techie, the perfectionist.. Friendly yet reserved, loving yet analytic, fun-loving yet dedicated to the cause.

I love to play the drums and train at the gym (Schwarzenegger is my role model! ;-)) Action flicks are my thing! Being a father, I guess you could say has brought out my more indulgent and tender nature to the forefront.

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